Laundry Cleaning Services

Tidy Shield always works for your comfort and we know how to help you to let you spare your precious time to be spend with your loved ones. Because you are working on your ambitions therefore you require focus and concentration by avoiding distractions which consumes your energy and time whereby laundry could be one of that distraction for you. You want to enjoy your life but you have to take care of your laundry over weekends and if any weekend is missed where you didn’t took care of your laundry, than in the next week you would not be able to wear your most loving clothes.

Tidy Shield fills that gap for you by its Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services, we understand the affiliation and emotional attachments which you have with your dresses or else. As it might have been gifted by your loved ones or belong to symbol of some special occasion of your life. Therefore, we take care of it like you do.

How to Get Tidy Shield Service?

To initiate this service you simply need to Book Online or whatsapp us on +1 616-204-9118 or simply inbox us in any of our social media links available on our website.

Tidy Shield Special Features

  • You don’t need to travel to our laundry site because we take care of pickup and delivery of your laundry. Also we don’t charge any extra amount other than as agreed for the delivery and pickup.
  • If you ever need self-collection you can do that by following the schedule time and confirmation from one of our site as may be guided to you by our Customer Support Team
  • Your laundry shall be neatly packed in the bags which shall be ready to be delivered at your door step.
  • Fancy items like ladies bags or special events garments or dresses are provided with special care while washing them and than are placed in sealed bags separately.
  • If you or any of your family member is allergic to any washing chemicals or soaps, you just need to inform us and we will take care of it by changing the soap for you.

If you want to wear neat and clean clothes each time regardless as if they are new or old, than Tidy Shield is the right option for you. Each time you wear your clothes they will look like as if you are wearing for the first time.

With years of experience of cleaning services and with an honor of being the fastest growing cleaning company in Norton Shores Michigan, we are providing a wide range of cleaning services with quality deliverance to our valuable clients.

Best Customer Support Team

Customer Service remains an important element of Tidy Shield Growth because we are a customer centric Cleaning Service provider which have improved its existence by continuous feed backs from our clients, continuous training program for our staff and our internal quality control and assurance systems.

Our Customer Service Team remains here throughout the day to provide you with the best support whether you want to reschedule your cleaning or want to have any additional service or have any other query as per the agreed terms and conditions. You can call us for booking on +1 616-204-9118 or Booking through an Online Form or Inbox us on any of our social media accounts available on our website.


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