Move In Cleaning Service

We Understand the Challenges You Face!

When you find your new home and make things ready to move in to it, you want that your new home should be neat and clean and ready to place your home necessities. And since you have to do packing  from your existing home very carefully, so none of the home essentials gets damaged. But on the other side, your new home needs special attention when it comes to cleaning because placing everything in new home without having proper cleaning would lead to mess.

What Tidy Shield Can Do For You?

You need Professional Cleaning Staff of Tidy Shield who will make ready everything before you move in. Your new home needs in detail cleaning of every corner which is only possible with the help of our Professional Cleaning Technicians. 

First Step

It all starts with our visit to the property which is very important during which we note down all your requirements and we visit all the property to have an idea as what shall be the best equipment and tools which should be used to give you the best appearance of your home. This survey also help us to finalize as which cleaning products should be used which does not damage the look of your new home. To understand this, let we give you an example, each of tiles is manufactured using different raw materials and it is understandable that each of them would react differently when a certain chemical is used during cleaning process. So to minimize this risk, we analyze the property in detail to shortlist the chemicals and equipment’s which we shall be using during our cleaning process. By selecting only the most appropriate tools, equipment’s and chemicals our Professional Cleaners provides you the best feel when you move in.

After visiting your new property we schedule our Best Professional Cleaners to start preparing the areas for cleaning. By doing so we remove all the dust and debris from the property to make it ready for cleaning. This step is very important because it ensures that we remove all the dirt and dust before we move our sophisticated equipment and chemicals to start working. 

Second Step

In the second step our Professional Cleaners will start cleaning the areas as per the area’s requirements. The use of right tools and equipment’s makes the cleaning fast whereas the experience provides an added advantage for accuracy and effectiveness. Our Quality Control team keeps an eye over the whole process of cleaning to match the standards which has been set by Tidy Shield, so all the areas are equally cleaned.

Third Step

In the third step our Quality Assurance team will review the cleaning areas and highlight if any of the area is left uncleaned. This allows 100% surety that the property is ready to move in and can be handed over to the new tenants.

Do you also need such exceptional services? Which always exceed the expectations. It is definitely possible by contacting our Customer Support Representative on +1 616-204-9118 or Emailing us or Booking from an Online Form or Sending a request in inbox on any of the available social links on our website.


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