Office Transformation can lead to Business Growth ​

The Best Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Michigan


You cannot take everyone to your factory or production area to show what you are doing but everyone can visit to your office to have a discussion on a business proposal. The first image they get when they enter your office is important for a perfect deal to come. A great place to work consider a neat and clean office as its integral part which allows employees enjoy their work and exceed the performance indicators towards organizational goals.

Tidy Shield is offering its services for Office Cleaning and making your office a healthy work place to work in. Our Professional cleaning staff do a detailed cleaning before you arrive at office each day. We use special cleaning formulas which makes your office 100% germs fee for the surfaces which are most likely to be touched or exposed to dust or other materials.

Do you want to Ensure 100% Attendance?

Having a clean office which is germ free reduces the absentees due to illness for the staff as well as for the visitors. Imagine entering in to an office where you can see the professionally cleaned doors, windows, floors, bathrooms and kitchen etc. The table where you have to sit is given an extra care while cleaning to make sure all its edges are cleaned from any dust and your dustbin also looks like it has never been used. Your each day at the office would be a lasting experience where you don’t get tired and love your place.

Advantages of
Tidy Shield
Cleaning Services

Your One Right Decision Can have positive Impacts on

  1. Healthy Environment:

Tidy Shield Office Cleaning Service ensures germ free environment with the most advanced techniques and methods which reduces the chances of getting sick at workplace.

  1. Your Business Growth:

Providing an exceptional clean environment to your employees and the visitors can enhance your business growth because they will be provided an environment where ideas can nurture.

  1. Value For Money:

Tidy Shield Office Cleaning Service is not only a service but it’s the passion to provide clients with the best experience within the agreed price. We go an extra mile to make you feel happy and you get value for money you spend.

Reasons We Transform Offices by our Cleaning Services?

  1. Most Efficient Cleaning Service:

Tidy Shield is the most efficient and effective cleaning service in Michigan which has one of the highest level of satisfaction among the corporate clients.

  1. Reliable:

We have the commitment to deliver you with the best service which enables us to be the most reliable due to our track record.

  1. Best Customer Support:

Tidy Shield is offering the most satisfactory customer support to resolve your issues at earliest either it’s a change in schedule or wanted an addition or change in service.

Corporate Offices needs special attention to details because they have to focus on so many other tasks and Tidy Shield understand this and provide its full support to match their expectations. This is the reason that Tidy Shield is the most trusted cleaning service provider for office cleaning in Michigan. We have been providing office cleaning service for many corporate clients around Michigan. You can contact us on (616) 204-9118 or book online.


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