Preparing Your Home for a Cleaning Service

Preparing Your Home for a Cleaning Service: Tidy Shield has been in the cleaning industry for many years, and we have learned and experienced a lot. We often come across people asking how to save money, have effective service, and feel secure while adding the services of a cleaning company. As a result, we have decided to include those elements that you must consider as part of your preparation before hiring a cleaner for your home.

You Must


Take Away Your Personal Belongings

Sometimes you have openly left your precious items, like jewelry, an expensive wrist watch, or something else that is obviously very important to you. But at the time the cleaners arrive at your property, it’s better that you place them in a safe lock-and-key location where you can reuse them as and when required. Because it happens that your earring or finger ring can be vacuumed into the vacuum cleaner and later put in the trash without knowing that it is actually there. And it will be very easy for you to blame the cleaner or anyone else without realizing it is your responsibility to keep it safe. Tidy Shield highly recommends that you keep all such personal belongings under lock and key to make sure you don’t waste time trying to find them again. We have already had all of our staff police checked, but because we are all humans, it is recommended that the cleaners not be tempted to take expensive items or cash that has been left out in the open.


Ensure Height Safety for Cleaning Staff

We have highly experienced cleaning technicians, and staff safety is our top priority; therefore, we have a policy that our staff doesn’t do cleaning where he or she has to raise over three ladder steps. Therefore, this is part and parcel of our agreement and our disclaimer that we don’t do cleaning using ladders over three steps.


Clear the Scattered Clothes and Laundry Around the House

Tidy Shield encourages that when you call upon a cleaning service, you must clear and pick up all the scattered clothes and laundry messed around the house because it will save you and the cleaner time as the cleaner will start cleaning once your area is ready to do so. It makes working speedy and effective when the area where cleaners have to perform cleaning is free of clothing, socks, or sheets. The premises that needs cleaning must be clear and free of any scattered clothes.


Clear the Clutter First

If your cleaner is coming, we strongly advise you to clear the clutter, pick it up, and move it out of the way of the cleaner. So, when the cleaning professional arrives, you should provide him with a clear area. Because, as a cleaning company, we discourage our employees from touching any personal belongings because you may have emotional attachments to them or otherwise. So, it’s better that you put your shoes in the closet, the food in the fridge, or in their right place, etc. This will allow the professional cleaner to perform his job in a better way.


Carton off Pets

The cleaning technicians, while performing their job with professionalism, know that their time is their money. If you have pets at home, there are chances that they will move around the clean area and make marks on the clean floor. It is critical for the cleaning staff to leave you with a spotless floor; therefore, Tidy Shield recommends that you cart your pets away from the cleaning site because they will make the cleaning job more difficult for the cleaning technicians.


Coordination with the Cleaning Service Provider

Coordination and clear communication are very important between the client and the service provider. The cleaners are provided with a complete schedule for the day or week, and they have to follow it. In case you want any additional services, you need to make sure that you have communicated it in writing, either via email, message, or phone call, with the booking section so they can update the details and make sure that the cleaner knows it.

Moreover, Tidy Shield tries to have you get the same cleaner each time, and you can set a schedule with your cleaning partner, but it happens that if you are not getting regular cleaning service, you have to make sure that you have given the right information to the cleaner or have put the keys in the security key box provided by the cleaning company.


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