Recurring Cleaning Services

Let's Change the Way Things Look

Cleanliness is not something that is required for once only and you may require continuous support in maintaining your home or office. Tidy Shield do offer its Recurring Cleaning Services for where our Professional Cleaners will show up at your property on regular basis depending upon the frequency you choose to opt. The schedule is always flexible depending upon your need because we understand that sometimes you don’t need a cleaning as things are all right and sometimes some unexpected guests arrived out of schedule and you need to change the dates of your cleaning – Yes you can do that!

How Tidy Shield Helps You?

Your productivity for your goals will be enhanced since you don’t need to spend time over to your living room or kitchen to clean things up. And you will be more focused towards your daily life goals and objectives which will ultimately help you to reach to your bigger goals of life. You can get the same cleaner each time and thus creating a feeling of comfort because you don’t need to spend time explaining your requirements each day a cleaner comes.

Now Enjoy Your Life!

With our Recurring Cleaning Service you can enjoy your life with your family and friends meanwhile we are taking care of your home. Imagine entering in to your home after long hours of work and see the entire home is completely cleaned and everything is in its right place and you only need to relax or watch your favorite TV show or Movie.

Commercial Cleaning Service

Tidy Shield also offers its Recurring Cleaning Services for offices where it can directly have an impact on the overall performance of your employees. The staff feels more comfortable and fresh when they see their tables are clean, dustbins are empty, floor and doors are shining. A clean office environment also have an impact over the clients as when they enter the office they can assess that if they give you the project, you can complete it with full focus because of neat and clean environment.

How We Ensure Quality Standards?

We understand that continuous monitoring is required to maintain the quality standards so you get the same cleaning each time. To ensure our quality we have in place our quality assurance and quality control systems. Our Cleaning Professional have to ensure that all the areas are cleaned as mentioned on the check list which includes the customized points as informed by the clients, so if the cleaner is changed the other cleaner knows what to do. Moreover, the work is often checked by the supervisors as well which double check this with our quality standards and the report is than sent to our Quality Control Team.

Contact Us

If you are living in Michigan and you want a life free of mess where you are free from any of cleaning responsibilities of your home or office, you can contact us right away on (616) 204-9118 or can Book Online. If you need a free quote for your property you can write us and our team can visit your property to provide you a free quote.


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