Residential Cleaning Service​

The Best Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Michigan

Home is special a place where everything is customized whether it’s your living room, dining room or your kitchen. Tidy Shield understands that you have so much emotional attachments for your home whether its an antique placed in TV lounge or your pillow, and we highly respect that. Tidy Shield understands all your priorities because we have years of experience in cleaning industry.

Professional Cleaning Staff

Tidy Shield staff is all police checked and we have a strict hiring process through which ensure quality stuff in our Professional Cleaning teams. Than we have in house training facility and each of the new joiner must have to pass the training before he could perform any cleaning task. Because in our training we train our staff with special techniques and tactics which helps them to satisfy the cleaning needs of the client which make us different from the rest.

What We Offer?

Tidy Shield is offering both i.e. regular or one time cleaning service for home, the regular cleaning service comes up with daily, weekly, biweekly or monthly as per the requirements of our valuable clients.

What it Includes?

Our Home Cleaning Service mainly includes Dusting, Mopping and Vacuuming etc. whereas the additional services always be added depending upon the requirements of the clients. We prefer to start the service with one time deep clean service because that would allow our staff to clean your house in detail. And they would also advise you as what regular small tasks you need to perform to get the same new neat and clean look each day, this will save a lot of cost for you. Moreover, by doing this our Professional Cleaners would not have to do deep clean each time while you are on our regular cleaning service.

Fastest Growing Cleaning Company in Norton Shores Michigan

With years of experience of cleaning services and with an honor of being the fastest growing cleaning company in Norton Shores Michigan, Tidy Shield is providing a wide range of cleaning services with quality deliverance to our valuable clients.

Best Customer Support ​

Our client’s comfort is our foremost priority, this is the reason that our customer support team works round the clock to make sure that we match your schedules to give you the maximum comfort.

You can simply click on BOOK NOW and fill an online form with essential details and your booking would be considered confirmed, if no other questions or in person visit of our professional cleaning technician is required.

We Make A Difference In Your Life


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