Special Event Cleaning Services

There are some life moments which needs your extra attention to live those moments with your friends and family. It could be your wedding, birthday or any other event, Tidy Shield is there for you to provide you with its excellent cleaning services customized as per your requirements to make your day memorable. Tidy Shield understands that you have emotional attachments for such events and this is the reason that we go an extra mile to provide you with some extraordinary cleaning services.

Tidy Shield Helps You To Enjoy Your Life

When there is some special day coming whether it’s planned or unplanned, cleaning kills a lot of your valuable time and still you may not reach the satisfaction level which you require for your guests. Because you have so many other tasks to perform like sending invitations to guests, preparing or arranging food for your loved ones and looking after your family. So, you need someone who can spare for you a major part of time which you might spend in cleaning your premises. Being one of the finest and committed cleaning service provider having years of experience, we can help you to share your work load and sparing a lot of your time by providing you with our Professional Cleaning Technicians who will exceed your expectations.

Customized Check List

Tidy Shield offers its services with a cleaning check list which can always be customized with mutual consent to ensure that none of the area is missed when the job is complete. The check list consists of all areas and necessary equipment’s which are most likely to be cleaned and available in almost all homes. This list allows our clients to pick and choose and review it before we start the cleaning process.

What Makes Tidy Shield Different?

Now a question might comes in your mind that what is the difference between Tidy Shield and other cleaning services in Norton Shores, Michigan? This is the quality processes in placed which make us different from the rest. We have a complete quality check systems in place which includes our Quality Control and Quality Assurance departments who make sure that the quality standards are met. So we not only ensure that our clients are satisfied but we also make sure first that the quality standards are met.

Most Advanced Tools and Equipments

It happens that you don’t have enough time as the event is just a random and you need to have fast but effective cleaning service. Moreover, on the other side you also want it to be economical and within your budgets. We understand your this  Tidy Shield has the most advanced tools and equipment’s which not only allow our Professional Cleaners and Technicians to work effectively but also helps them to work fast and save a lot of money for you.

Book Now

So, if you really want some exceptional cleaning services you can call or whatsapp us on +1 616-204-9118 or simply Book Online by selecting the relevant category of service. You can also inbox in any of our social media pages whose links you can find on the website.


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